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Having enjoyed a 50-year-long career in the asset finance industry, Brian Rogerson has stepped down from his role as consulting editor and co-founder of Asset Finance International.

Brian (pictured above) co-founded the magazine in September 2009 with Edward Peck and played a fundamental part in developing it. Partly a matter of pride and partly a labour of love, Brian lead the development of free-to-view content online, covering all angles of a topic before his editorial competitors had even managed to get their paper-based alternatives to press.

Starting his career in the asset finance industry in April 1973, Brian held a number of senior management positions at Mercantile Credit, within the Barclays Bank Group. In these roles he was a key practitioner in managing asset and auto finance teams across the Group.

After relocating his young family some 300 miles south from Newcastle to Ipswich, Brian built Mercantile’s Ipswich branch into the company’s largest and most profitable across the UK.

After maintaining its leading position for some 24 years, Brian accepted the unique opportunity to begin working as a financial journalist alongside industry veteran Vic Lock.

Already armed with a strong knowledge of the asset finance industry and a range of contacts, he founded the Motor Finance magazine in 1999 and worked for the next 10 years as deputy editor and additional editorial roles.

Most recently, Brian co-founded the International Asset Finance Network with Edward Peck and Colin Tourick building the twice-yearly conference to become the largest asset finance event in Europe.

In 2017, Brian won the IAFN Lifetime Achievement Award (see below) for his extensive career serving the asset finance industry.

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On a personal note, Brian has been my mentor ever since I joined the team in 2018. Together, we have spent countless hours interviewing industry professionals and attending industry events (and drinks!). He has helped to grow my network of contacts, introduced me to key individuals, and pushed my writing skills to help me to develop as a financial journalist. Always patient, Brian has adapted the teaching process to suit my strengths and weaknesses and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside him.

Adrian Dally, Director of Motor Finance at the FLA, said: “I’m sure Brian is looking forward to his retirement. Ever the gentleman, his interview style is nonetheless thorough and insightful. He always gets the best out of spokespeople, and he’s been a real pleasure to work with. Brian’s knowledge of the industry, its people and issues is unrivalled – and AFI has flourished under his editorial guidance. I wish him the very best for his retirement.”

Jo Davis, co-founder and director at Auxillias, said: “I have enjoyed working with Brian over the years whether that be seeing him hard at work pulling together conference agendas, discussing topical industry issues or simply having a chat ahead of me going on stage. I would describe Brian as cool, calm and collected as it doesn’t matter how many times you speak at conferences, it is always slightly nerve racking but with Brian by my side, he always had this ability to calm my nerves. Brian has always been a remarkable thought leader and always ahead of the curve and at the ready to suggest topics for conferences that really do lead the way and I know like me, we will all miss working with him.

Andy Denton, chief executive officer of Alfa, said: “I’ve worked with Brian many times over the past 25 years and throughout that time I’ve found that one shouldn’t underestimate him. It would be easy to only see the avuncular manner and his good heart, but behind that is a very keen mind! I’ve been throwing some pretty high-level tech at him for 25 years now and he simply listens, packages it up into a well-written article and throws it back at me. The team here at Alfa will all miss him.”

“Brian Rogerson has been much more than editor at Asset Finance International, and he will be missed”, commented Edward Peck, “Over the years his integrity, loyalty and unfailing enthusiasm has helped drive the business forward. He has been an unfailing source of strength for us all. Together we have worked to find the role for Asset Finance International as technology has changed the publishing industry, and together we have built the business from just the two of us, to a team of over fifteen.

“As we emerge from the dark days of the pandemic, we hope to be able to meet up with Brian to celebrate his retirement properly – but for now we can only send him our very warmest wishes, and wish him well as he pursues his many hobbies at his lovely home in Suffolk.

“Have a wonderful retirement, Brian. And thank you!”